Fire and ice is the 7th episode of Animal Armageddon. It takes place in the Pleistocene period during the Toba Super-Volcanic eruption. This episode goes from 72,000 years B.C. to 8000 years B.C.


A herd of Elasmotherium is seen grazing for food. A Sumatran leopard then begins to hunt them. However it is not in their favor, as MT Toba erupted. The Elasmotheriums and Sumatran leopards try to escape, but it soon extincted them. Humans are also living on this island and are now endangered because of that. The ashes then hit Vietnam. A troop of Gigantopithicus is trying to escape. A Giant puma attacks one of them, but lost in battle, before the victorious Gigantopithicus suffocates to death. India then joins it in getting ashed. A herd of Stegodon is trying to escape the ash cloud. The Cave lion survives longer because of caves, but later went extinct due to lack of water. Later a long Ice age begins. Thousands of years later, Woolly mammoths, descendants of the Stegodons thrive in this ecosystem. Humans have also survived this extinction as well.