Mosasaur lacking tail fluke

Animal armageddon was an awesome show and most of its errors were just minor. Here is the list.

The errorsEdit

Death rays

  • Megalograptus(Eurypterid) was oversized and too bulky
  • Pteregotys was said to be the size of a crocodile when the only eurypterid that acctually grew that big was jaekelopterus
  • Cameroceras(Straight nautiloid) Was more like 33 feet while in the show it was only 20.(Undersizements are not really errors oversizements are)

Hell on earth

  • The size of dunkleosteus was announced correctly but the size scale showed it once again too big and too bulky like the eurypterid
  • Icthyostegas size was announced correctly at 5 feet but the scale once again showed it too big and longer than a human
  • Tiktaalik was shown at the end of the devonian when it lived earlier
  • Icthyostega was around when the tiktaalik in this show was shown not after the extinction


  • There were a few mosasaur errors like no tail fluke. Click here for more
  •  Troodon had no feathers when they probably did
  • Phobosuchus had several errors

Panic in the sky

  • Velociraptors had no feathers in the show

The great dying

  • Proterosuchus and thiranaxodon where shown in the permian when they were really triassic


Fire and ice

  • The Elasmotherium is shown living in Sumatra, when it really lives in europe and Siberia.
  • The gigantopithicus already went extinct before the extinction

Next extinction

  • Scince it is imaginary there are not any real errors