"The mosasaur was a voracious predator nearly 50 feet long, and weighting 20 tons. It used an excellent sense of smell to track its prey slowly and deliberatly."

In Animal ArmageddonEdit


A mosasaur was featured swimming while the narrator said "The most feared marine reptile is the mosasaur."Then one of the paleontologists was shown talking about the mosasaur, Then an ammonite was swimming alone while a mosasaur was swimming straight at it as the narrator said"Mosasaurs prefer the slow moving ammonites..." then the mosasaur grasps the ammonite with its jaws and swims downwards.

Panic in the sky

In this episode it was seen swimming around in the devastated oceans very shortly before the narrator started talking about the survival skills of sharks.


Mosasaur in motion

Size 49 feet/15 meters




The mosasaur was shown with no tail fluke which is a debatable subject and also its swimming motion was very very snake-like. it is also a Mosasaurus.