Phobosuchus eating hadrosaur

"Phobosuchus", or Deinosuchus riograndensis (which Phobosuchus is a synonym of) is an extinct genus related to modern alligators, that lived in the Late Cretaceous, from 80 to 73 million years ago. The largest adult Deinosuchus were up to 10.6 meters long.

In Animal ArmageddonEdit


Some Phobosuchus were seen feeding on dead hadrosaurs, some time before the asteroid hit.


- "Phobosuchus", as mentioned above, is a synonym of Deinosuchus.

- The snout of the Phobosuchus appears to be too narrow.

Deinosuchus did not live 66 million years ago- it went extinct 7 million years earlier.