Purgatoris animal armageddon

Purgatoris, before getting snatched by a raptor.

Purgatorius is a eutherian which lived from the end Cretaceous (66 mya) into the early Paleocene (63 mya). It is widely believed to be a precursor to primates, though this is highly debated and it is possible that it falls outside the crown group placentals (including Primates), specifically as sister taxon to ProtungulatumPurgatorius is estimated to be 15 centimeters long.


Purgatorius is initially seen being hunted by dromaeosaurs and troodonts in the late Cretaceous. When the K/T extinction occurs as a result of a meteor impacting Earth, the animal hides in its burrows, feeding on roots, insects, and worms.

Panic in the skyEdit

Purgatorius and other small mammals survive the extinction, and their distant descendants would rule the world.