Tiktaalik animal armageddon

Tiktaalik tries to escape from the heat

Tiktaalik is a tetrapodomorph "fishapod" that lived 375 million years ago, and has many features that are similar to its tetrapod descendants. It had adapted to the oxygen poor waters that it lived in by evolving a revolutionary trait; lungs, and no gills. This will pay off as the tetrapods advance to land.

Hell on earthEdit

In this episode, Tiktaalik is depicted hunting Bothriolepis in a freshwater river. After the extinction occurs, the river dries up, killing the Bothriolepis and forcing the Tiktaalik to migrate to another lake, river, or other freshwater area. Eventually, they would survive the extinction and would eventually become Ichthyostega.


Tiktaalik did not live 360 million years ago; it lived 15 million years earlier.

Tiktaalik was not a true tetrapod; instead it was actually a stegocephalian, a clade containing Tetrapoda and its extinct relatives.