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T-rex trying to escape the meteor fragments

Tyrannosaurus Rex (Tyrant Lizard King) is a Tyrannosaurid dinosaur featured in Doomsday, Panic in the sky, Strangled and The Next extinction. Tyrannosaurus weighed 8,000 kg and was 13m long. It lived during the Cretaceous period. It even hunt in packs to kill Alamosaurus.

In Animal ArmageddonEdit


In Doomsday, a Tyrannosaurus was first seen stealing a kill from two Troodons. Later, a T-rex was engulfed by a flashing light before the screen went to whiteout.

Panic in the SkyEdit

Tyrannosaurus is seen throughout the episode suffering, roaring at the camera, and eating dead animals. In one scene, a Tyrannosaurus eats her mate out of sheer desperation. The Asian relative of T-Rex, Tarbosaurus is also seen struggling in the deadly acid rain. The last T-rex dies due to starvation, ending the reign of dinosaurs.

T-rex preparing to kill another t-rex

A T-rex prepares to kill another T-rex

Errors Edit

  • Tyrannosaurus was most likely feathered in real life; at least on the head and top of the chest.
  • The arms of the Tyrannosaurus in the show were pronated; a hand position now believed to be impossible in theropods.

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